Hi there, I'm George. I'm so glad you've popped by!

Most people are pretty happy to spend their entire lives working for others, but you think a little differently, don't you?

You've always known that one day you’d like to have YOUR OWN BUSINESS.
And you're now at a point in your life when the time is right to go out on your own.  Maybe your career isn’t ticking all the boxes anymore. So while you're grateful for all the experience and skills you've built over the years, you're ready for something different. 

You're craving more FREEDOM.
Freedom to work when you want.  Where you want.  To choose the people you work with.  How much you'll earn.  And most importantly, to focus on what you're passionate about.  To make a real and positive impact in some way.

So you've found a GREAT BUSINESS IDEA that you’re really excited about! (or perhaps you've already got a side business you want to turn it into the 'main event'?).  And you’re ALMOST ready to get cracking and say goodbye to life as an employee and HELLO to the FREEDOM that comes with having your own business.

But starting a business is a BIG MOVE.  You want to feel pretty sure your idea has real potential before you take the plunge...

Here's where I come in...

I help budding business owners like you, take those first few steps towards launching a successful business.

I can help you review your idea and decide if it's a 'go-er'. If it's got legs. If it's going to be able to give you what you are looking for out of life. AND if you decide it is, then I help you to polish it and flesh it out into a ready-to-launch business plan with strong foundations to help set you up for success right from the beginning. 

Most importantly, I help you do all of this BEFORE you invest too much time, money and energy.  

So if you're keen to get cracking and get off to a strong start, I'd love to help you!


Who I am & where I've been...

If I was filling out one of those official passenger forms at the airport, I'd call myself a 'business and marketing strategist'.  Which basically means I know my stuff when it comes to planning, launching and growing successful businesses.

I've always loved creating businesses.
I caught the bug way back in high school when, together with a bunch of classmates, I launched my first real company selling hand made gift cards - gotta start somewhere right!? After going on to study business and psychology at university, I spent more than 13 years creating, launching and growing businesses & brands for some of the world's most successful corporations in the consumer goods, drinks and health care industries.

I learnt an absolute bucket-load. Everything from creating and refining ideas to launching new brands and beyond. All the important things necessary to set a new brand/business up for success (as well as many of the things to be avoided!). I also met loads of amazing and talented people and created a lot of fond memories along the way. 

But eventually, I got to the point where I was ready to stop being an employee and start doing my own thing. I wanted to be able to focus in on what I really loved doing, and I craved more flexibility.

So I started investigating and testing different options. Evaluating a number of business ideas. Some great. Some not so great. And I learned so much along the way. Eventually I found my winner. I pinpointed exactly what I love doing most (creating & building businesses), and decided to create a business that would allow me to share the knowledge and expertise I've learned over the years to help others take those first few steps towards successful business-ownership. 

So these days I do just that. And I LOVE it!

In the past few years, I've helped evaluate tons of business ideas, launch and grow businesses for people in many different industries including food, beverages, financial services, health, kid's toys, retail, hospitality and more. Online businesses. Offline businesses. 

It doesn't matter what type of business or industry you're considering, the formula for assessing whether a business idea has the potential to be successful is the same regardless. 

Interested? Find out more about how I can help you!